About Liz

I was born and brought up in Wimbledon, London, where I live and practise. I am of Indian, Belgian and Scottish origin, giving me a broad outlook on life.


Primary School was the French Lycée in South Kensigton. I disliked the commuting so much that I was really happy to join my sisters at a Catholc convent boarding school for the next 8 years (and then spent a lot of the next 30 undoing some of those teachings and experiences... )


The next 20 years covered a degree in Linguistics, Phonetics, and Arabic at SOAS, a PGCE specialising in Special Education, 5 years in the Middle East, 5 years in Germany, a lecturship at Richmond Upon Thames College and a year in New South Wales, Australia, where I first discovered Kinesiology.


I have 3 wonderful children who I, and my partner David, have brought up with the principles from 'The Continuum Concept' by Jean Liedloff, (the belief that babies should be continuously carried by, and never separated from their mothers, until such time as they are able to crawl away by themselves. It advocates co-sleeping and on-demand breastfeeding).  


Whilst bringing up my children and working as a part-time teacher, I studied and qualified with Brian Butler (who pioneered Kinesiology in the UK) at The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology.


Still feeling a strong need to learn and understand more about the body I then had the privilege of studying under Barbara Wren, Principal of the College of Natural Nutrition.


I combine these two powerful disciplines together with Emotional Freedom Technique (AKA Tapping). I am a Quantum Wave Laser practitioner, have Reiki Levels I and II and am a Trustee of ASK, The Association of Systematic Kinesiology).


MY passion is to empower clients in taking responsibility for their own health on all levels. The body is amazing in its ability to heal. We have the tools to restore to the body its full and rightful integrity.